21 July ‘24, Sunday

The best social games for virtual communication

Social are games where communication takes first place. We mean not only communication between players (if we are talking about multiplayer social games), but even a simulation of communication within the game itself. Classic social games are built around relationships: market, negotiations, draws, intrigues and much more. This is a kind of imitation of relationships that are built in real life, but only in a virtual form. Such games are becoming more popular, as many people find it difficult to communicate personally. In social games you can go to work, study, attend parties and restaurants. In some online games, much attention is paid to the creation of the main character: his appearance and style. Many players prefer to create characters that are as similar as possible to themselves. Social games are usually very peaceful. They don’t have topics of war and violence, but the spheres of business, family and career are actively advancing. In this section of the catalog you will find multiplayer and single-player online games in the Social genre. We tried to collect the best games for you in this genre: play them absolutely free from any device.