21 July ‘24, Sunday

Clicker games online: free clicker on android and PC

Clicker - games without an intricate plot in which you need to quickly click a mouse on a specific object. At the same time, the purpose and design of such simple games can be different: among the clicker games there are those that appeal to both adults and children. The main thing is to have a sufficiently high reaction rate and free time. There is an opinion that clickers do not require the inclusion of a thought process at all. But it's not entirely true. Some games, for example, to maintain balance, cannot go if you simply mindlessly click with a mouse. You also have to think while stabilizing the object on the screen. The simplest free android or PC clicker is a mining simulator. In such a game, it does not matter where you click, the main thing is to do it as quickly as possible. It is also difficult to call a game where you need to press on flying or floating objects an intellectual game. In our catalog you can find a clicker for the mouse or keyboard, as well as for smartphones and tablets, where you need to click directly on the screen. For example, a rather popular online clicker offers to keep the character in the air with the help of clicks and help him overcome obstacles. Most of the game options really require an extremely quick response. To play the clicker in Russian or English, you do not need to install applications and programs. Open games in browsers when you have a free minute, and enjoy the gameplay.