21 July ‘24, Sunday

Stickman: nice online games with simple graphics

Stickman games are online games with various plots and game mechanics, which are combined by their main character: a schematically drawn man. As a rule, simplified graphics in such games are compensated by an exciting plot and interesting tasks. They can be completely different, that’s why games from the Stickman category are so popular. Stickman games are difficult to combine in directions and plots. The main character can shoot, solve puzzles, run and jump and even soar in the air. Each Stickman game on Android or other operating system has its own highlight. Most of our games are versatile and suitable for any operating system, because they do not need to be downloaded and installed on a device. You can play online through your favorite browser, anywhere, anytime. To do this, you only need a gadget with access to the Internet. This section contains the most popular online games in the Stickman genre, among which you will probably find one to your liking. Choose, open and try different games: you can finish one game at any time and start another if you do not like the first one. Play free online games with a bright man and together set new records.